WikiProject Albums and Singles
The Carpenters - 1976

Date of creation September 1, 2008
Creator The Obento Musubi
Mission To improve album- and single-related articles.

The WikiProject Albums and Singles strives to better all the pages of the Carpenters' albums and singles. This includes copyediting (reviewing for grammatical errors), modifying infoboxes to make them factually correct, and adding citations where needed.

To join WikiProject Albums and Singles, place your name in the section below.

Tagging articles Edit

If you see an article related to our WikiProject—that is, if you come across an article about an album or single—then please place the following template at the top of its talk page:

{{Music|class= |importance= }}

Parameters Edit

Class Edit

  • Stub - The article is not well developed, and needs to be expanded.
  • Start - The article is off to a good start; it needs to be copyedited.
  • C - The article has a decent amount citations and has a reasonable length.
  • B - The article is written well, has a substantial amount of credible citations.
  • GA - The article is written at a professional level, and has a plethora of credible citations.
  • FA - The article exemplifies a near-perfect article, with no grammatical flaws and organized well.

Importance Edit

  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Top

Members Edit

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