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Welcome to The Carpenters Wiki, the only free wiki dedicated purely to the works and lives of Richard and Karen Carpenter. Before you start editing, let's go over a few important rules and policies of this wiki.

Getting Started Edit

If you have not already signed up with Wikia (your account with Wikia allows you to have a global account with any wiki on Wikia), then please do so. Although it is not necessary to sign up with Wikia to edit this wiki, you would receive more permission should you be a member.

It is foremost important to keep in mind that this is meant to be an encyclopedia of The Carpenters. This means that this website is purely dedicated to collecting knowledge and information about The Carpenters without opinions and commentary. This policy is known as Neutral Point of View (NPOV). Thus, statements such as "The Carpenters were the greatest band to ever exist in the history of music" would violate NPOV, because stating so is simply one's opinion.

Second, only registered users with Wikia are allowed to create pages (another reason why you should register with Wikia). When you create pages, be sure they are relevant to our wiki. Because we are The Carpenters Wiki, pages such as "Star Wars" or "The Beatles" don't belong here. All irrelevant pages will be deleted from the wiki, and constant violators of this rule may be blocked.

To find a particular article that you'd like to edit, see the "Stale pages" box on the left side of the screen, or see Special:Shortpages for a list of short pages.

Editing Edit

There are a few basic rules of editing. Here are the most common mark-ups you will make:

Input code Output text
'''Bolded text''' Bolded text
''Italicized text'' Italicized text
<u>Underlined text</u> Underlined text
'''''Bolded and italicized text''''' Bolded and italicized text
[[Wikilinked text]] Wikilinked text
{{Template}} {{Template}}

Wikilinks Edit

Wikilinks are special links that let you link directly to any page of The Carpenters Wiki. Wikilinks are formed by putting two brackets around the link. Please note that wikilinks do not link to external sites. If a wikilink's text is different from its destination link, then separate the text with a bar.

Input code Output text
[[A|B]] B
[[Ticket to Ride (song)|Ticket to Ride]] Ticket to Ride
Note that in the first link, the letter B appears in red, but it links to a page entitled "A".

This coding is usually used when the destination page has a different name from the text.

External links Edit

External links are links to outside websites. They are created by placing one bracket at the beginning and end of the link.

Input code Output text
[] [1]
[ The Carpenters Wiki] The Carpenters Wiki
Note that in the first link, there were no brackets. Thus, it links to the URL it shows.
In the second link, there was no text after the URL. Thus, the link displays a number (in this case, 1).
In the third link, there is text immediately after the URL. Thus, the link displays the proceeding text.

When adding external links to an article, make sure the website is safe and reliable. In the external links sections, please do not add fan sites. All fan sites will be deleted. Remember that this site is not to be used as a publicity site. If you want to place a link to a fansite on this page, go to Carpenters:Fan sites, and make sure your fansite isn't already there. If the fansite isn't already there, then feel free to add it!

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